Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Equation, Expression and Solution

Define the following:

Leading questions: 
- do they have specific characteristics
- are they linked?
You may do the following:
i. refer to maths dictionaries
ii. watch the you-tube
iii. refer to ACE learning


  1. Equation is something that has an = sign in it E.G 8x-2=6

    An expression is something that is on one side of the equation E.G 8x-2

    Solution is the way to solve the problem and to find the variable E.G x=1

  2. An equation is something that has 2 sides, one side being equal to the other side.

    An expression is an equation with only one side; it is to express a set of numbers.

    The solution is a way to find all the unknown variables in an equation.

  3. Equation: 2+3 = 9-4
    Expression (normally the answer): Ans: 5
    Solution (workings + answer): 9-5 = 5, 5 is the solution

  4. Equation is a sum that has an "=" equal sign E.g 8+2 = 10

    An expression is a two values with a addition,multiple, division, or subtraction. e.g (x+1)

    Solution is the way to solve a problem using workings.

  5. An equation has an equal side. Of which, the left side is the equal as the value on the right side
    An expression is one side of an equation
    Solution is the way to solve the unknown variables in an equation

  6. A mathematical sentence built from expressions using one or more equal signs (=).

    Any mathematical calculation or formula combining numbers and/or variables using sums, differences, products, quotients, exponents, roots, logarithms, trig functions, parentheses, brackets, functions, or other mathematical operations. Expressions may not contain the equal sign (=) or any type of inequality.

    Any and all value of the variable that satisfies an equation, inequality, system of equations, or system of inequalities.

  7. Shawn Liew Hong Wei9/20/2011 09:13:00 AM

    An equation is something where a particular statement would be equal to equal to another statement.

    An expression would be a statement which cannot be simplified.

    A solution is to find the unknown values.

  8. Equation is solving the statement
    Expression is an answer i.e express 4 as a product of 1010101001
    Solution is the answer i.e 1+1=2.2 is the solution

  9. Equation has an equal sign (=) which means that one side is equal to the other
    Expression has no equal sign (=)
    Solution is what we obtain from a problem

  10. An example of an equation is: x+4=11-2
    An example of an expression is: x=5
    An example of a solution is: If x+4=11-2, identify x.
    11-2=9 so x+4=9 which means 9-4=x/5 so x=5

  11. Equation: both sides must be equal.
    Expression: How the number is express through letters or signs
    Solution: Solution is the way to solve the problem or questions that is given.

  12. an equation is the same ans but put in different ways. e.g. 8-7 = 6-5
    an expression is a simplified ans
    a solution is the method to find the ans

  13. Equation is a answer that has 2 workings, but end up with the same number.

    An expression is the answer and it has only one side to it.

    A solution is the way to find all unknown variables in the solution.

  14. Equation is a mathematical statement containing a equals sign, to show that 2 expressions are equal .
    Expression is one or a group of mathematical symbols representing a number or quantity.
    Solution is a answer to a problem.

  15. - Equation is a full mathematical sentence which includes the answer and the question, example of it is [9x-4=5]
    - Expression is the mathematical quantity than is formed by symbols and numbers , example is [9x - 4]
    - So for the solution, it is to find out the algebra term and how you get it, example is
    [9x-4 = 5]
    find x
    5 + 4 = 9
    9 x [x] = 9
    so x = 1

  16. An equation is sth that has a plus minus times or divide and equal sign in it!!!!

    An expression is sth that expresses an equation!!!!

    A solution is an answer of a equation or expression!!!

  17. Equation is a statement that is made up of 2 or more expressions that are equal.

    Expression is a collection of symbol/alphabet that expresses a quantity

    Solution is the means of solving a expression or equation.

  18. a equation is a where something equals to something and there would be a algebraic (e.g. x,y,p,q etc)
    a expression is a way that the equation is displayed for e.g,
    equation -> x + 1 = 3-6
    expression -> x = 3-6-1
    solution -> x = -4
    a solution is the simplified equation.

  19. An equation is a sentence which both sides of the equal sign is equal to one another.
    A statement is one side of the equation.
    A solution is the answer to a problem or an equation.

  20. An equation is a mathematical sentence which consists of a question and an answer
    A statement would be the question of an equation
    A solution would be the answer of an equation