Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maths Performance Task (review)

Transportation Challenge (Review)

My heartiest thanks to all for your wonderful effort in completing and submitting the Mathematics Performance Task (Transportation Challenge).
You have all performed beyond my expectations. Given about a week to complete the poster and personal write-up, indeed the end products set a new bench mark for future SST students to emulate. I have already tabulated the results and provided comments to all the teams. I will discuss this further when we meet next term. You have been rewarded based on the effort demonstrated in your 2 tasks - kudos especially to those who put in the extra effort.

I have included 5 posters from S1-05 to S1-09 for your perusal.

Please add constructive comments on your thoughts and possible learning points for yourself and post as a comment.







  1. Everything is done well, but i just realize that the last one is quite wordy

  2. I think that all the posters are good as the layout is neat and the posters are attractive , making it a good poster to look at. But, for the last one it is a unfinished sentence. There are still more words to be put in thus it is unfinished. The layout is not that neat, therefore the sentence cannot be completed. Basically, all the works are all well done. Good Job!

  3. Shawn Liew Hong Wei5/29/2011 11:40:00 PM

    I believe a poster should not have the "wordy" feeling when one look at it for a moment. It should have a big, attractive and neat layout. There would be lesser clutter if the words are organised into "boxes" so that one would not feel that it is disorganised. A constant colour should be used in order not to distract the viewer away from the main focus.

    Comments/Suggestions :

    Poster A :
    1) The "Process" section of the poster can be summarised to :
    "We took the consolidated data and classified them into different neighbourhoods. We then find the percentage of buses that was late in each region to conclude the punctuality of the buses in Singapore."

    2) In the "Conclusion" box, the mathematical statement should not be present as it would not be relevant for a reader.

    3) The credits and citations should not take up that much space.

    4) Overall, the font size should be increased.

    Poster B :
    1) The background color gives the poster a little "Childish" and dull look.

    2) The font should be constant

    3) The colors should be constant to prevent the reader from being distracted from the main focus.

    4) Layout can be improved by placing them in a row or column.

    Poster C :
    1) It has a wordy feeling to it and the font size is too small for reading comfort.

    2) It can be summarised and font size can be increased.

    Poster D :
    1) There can be some "air" in between the places to make it less cluttered.

    2) It can be separated further apart to give the poster a more neater look.

    Poster E :
    1) Words can be placed more neatly and there is a messy feeling to it. The graphics should be placed along the words and not just independent by itself.

  4. Poster A: I think they could make the text on the map that divides them into areas bigger

    Poster B: I think the background is a bit to bright.

    Poster C: Maybe if the background wasn't white it could've been better

    Poster D: Maybe if they did more instead of just a few neighborhoods

    Poster E: The background and text colour is nice, but is a bit repetitive so maybe if you had more variety of text colour then it would've been better

  5. I feel the some of the posters are wordy and cluttered and all points must be summarized and organized to attract people and to avoid displeasure when reading.Details must also be provided to allow readers to know about the conditions when the data is consolidated etc.

    Poster A:The fonts are too small,but overall everything is well organized and neatly presented .

    PosterB: Different boxes are like the orange and purple ones distract readers and draw their attention away from the main point and everything must be consistent.

    Poster C:Everything is well organised and arrange neatly,but perhaps adding some pictorial sources will make the poster look less wordy .

    Poster D:My Poster? (no comments)

    Poster E: Boxes or markings should be present to divide each section and this will remove the cluttered and messy impression of the poster.

  6. The posters are all too wordy.