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Maths Performance Task 1

Maths Performance Task

 18 May 2011 (Wednesday) 5 pm
Task 1: Group Component (20 marks)
Problem: Herein lies a question: To what extent are the bus-services in Singapore punctual?
Using the data collected, you are to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth study of the situation, that is, the extent to which the bus services in Singapore are punctual. At the end of your study, you are required to submit an A3 digital poster illustrating the extent to which the bus-services in Singapore are punctual. Working in a team of 3 to 4 people, you are to include the following in your poster:
  • ·       Findings
  • ·       Statistical analysis
  • ·       Inferences
  • ·       Conclusions
  • ·       Recommendations


The following files/information are found in Maths Google site - folder Sec 1 Performance Task:
  • Sec 1 Performance Task keynote presentation (with instructions and sample works of 2010)
  • Sec 1 Performance Task project brief and instructions for both tasks
  • Consolidated Data
  • Reference for Poster Design

Task 2: Individual Component (9 marks)

Reflecting on what you have learnt in class and in doing this performance task, write an individual reflection of about 500 words on the role of statistics in real-life. You will be assessed by the clarity, depth, relevance and accuracy of your thinking

Instructions for Submission:
·       The deadline for submission is 18 May 2011 (Wed) 5pm.
·       You are to submit your poster (Group component) and your reflection (Individual Component) to the Submit Folder.
·       Please be reminded to include your name(s) and class on your poster as well as on your reflection.
·       Format for submission:
·       Group Component  filename:   class_groupname_Task1       eg. S105_group1_Task1
·       Individual Component  filename:   class_full name_Task1       eg. S105_Lim Mei Li_Task2

(a) The grouping, as discussed in class, will be as follows


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