Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chapter 4: Algebra - Application in Real Life

To understand the explicit or implicit application of Mathematics in the Real-world.

Watch one of the following movies
(1) The Lundberg Farms

(2) Saving the Bald Eagles

From the video clip, comment how Mathematics is applied in the scenario (in the video clip).

Insert your comment below (as shown):
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  1. In the fist video, there are variables that affect the crops, like how variables affect the result of an expression.

    In the 2nd video there is a formula to calculate the productivity of bald eagle, like formulas in mathematics.

  2. -rice farming video, they have to find out the variables that affect the harvest and also what to plant.

    -bald eagle video, they had to monitor the population using a formula to ensure such that the bald eagle species would not go extinct.