Thursday, April 14, 2011

Data Handling (Histogram)

A. What is a Histogram?
histogram is "a representation of a frequency distribution by means of rectangles whose widths represent class intervals and whose areas are proportional to the corresponding frequencies." 

B. How do you Plot/Draw a Histogram?
Hint: Note the following
.1 Data Range (its continuous not discrete)
.2 The x- and y- axes labels
.3 The interval of the histogram

C. Shodor histogram activity
Click here to manipulate a Histogram.
The Shodor histogram activity allows you to change the bin size for a data set and the impact on the curve.

D. How do we analyse Histograms?
Histograms allow us to analyze extremely large datasets by reducing them to a single graph 

E. Question to PONDER and post your RESPONSES as comment
What are the differences between Histogram and Bar Graphs?

You may refer to the following links


  1. Bar chart is quantity vs type, while histogram is frequency vs intervals

  2. Histogram about frequency while bar graph is about(most of the time) quantity

  3. Histogram is about the frequency of somethin whereas a bra graph is about the quantity and that thing that you are comparing

  4. Histogram measures the frequency of the data while the bar graph is the data.

  5. Histogram measures how frequent the data happens while the bar graph is the data.

  6. a histogram is putting a frequency table into a form of a bar graph

  7. The difference is that with a histogram it measures a range while in a bar chart it measures specific amount and it displays it.

  8. histograms measure in ranges while bar graph measure by the exact amount .
    histogram have no spaces while bar graph is separated

  9. In historgrams, there are frequencys and intervals. But in bar graphs the y-axis and the x-axis can be anything else.

  10. Shawn Liew Hong Wei4/21/2011 04:52:00 PM

    A bar graph is to compare the frequency between objects while a histogram is to compare the frequency in a range in a data set.

  11. A bar graph is to compare the variables in an easy to comprehend way, while a histogram will show the frequency in a set of data.

  12. Charles O'Rourke4/21/2011 11:50:00 PM

    Histogram is for showing frequency in data and a bar graph is more useful for comparing variables.

  13. A histogram show the times and intervals of something but the bar graph only shows the frequency between objects of comparison

  14. Histogram is the frequency of data whereas a bar graph is the quantity and that you are comparing

  15. Histograms show frequencies of a number while bar graphs compare the numbers itself.

  16. histograms are for frequency while bar graphs are quantity