Saturday, April 2, 2011

eLearning Challenge - Data Consolidation by Kevin Tay (10)

  • Ang Mo Kio Neighbourhood
  • Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
  • Bus Stop Number: 54279
  • Bus Stop Name: Blk 427
  • 11am
  • 12.30pm

Most of the commuters who boarded were ladies, during the period between 11am-12.05pm.

My difficulties in doing this are:
  1. too many bus services
  2. they pass a bit too fast although I still can record them in time
  3. a few bus services come at the same time
If I were given a second chance, I would stand on the overhead bridge beside the bus stop and take photos of the buses. I wouldn't have to write down what time the buses arrived (although I still need to jot down the estimated time of arrival) as there is a time stamp on the photo.

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