Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chapter 4: Algebra... Creating my own BMI calculator

Do you know what does BMI 'tell'?
  • What does your BMI say about you?
  • Let's find out HERE what it is...
Where do the categories and range originated from?
  • Do you think the range of BMI for each category applies to everyone world wide?
  • Click HERE to
  • As most of the BMI calculators availabel in the Internet assumes all mankind are of the same 'make' and 'built', we shall develop a BMI calcuator that is suitable for us!
The Challenge: Create a BMI calculator that is suitable for Asians (in particular, Singaporean)
  • In a spreadsheet, create the following fields:
    • Cell B1: BMI Calculator for an Asian
    • Cell B2-B6: Enter descriptors that would be helpful to user to know their degree of health risk
    • Cell B7: Name
    • Cell B8: Height (m)
    • Cell B9: Weight (kg)
    • Cell B11: BMI
  • Enter your Name, Height and Weight in cells C7, C8 and C9 respectively.
  • Enter the Formula to calculator the BMI in cell C11
  • Cell C12 should display the degree of health risk (whether "High Risk", "Moderate Risk", "Low Risk (Healthy range), "Risk of nutritional deficiency, diseases and osteoporosis"), accordingly to the computed value in C11
  • You may choose to change the colour of the text or cells to make your BMI calculator more user-friendly and initiative.
Submission of your work
  • Create the spreadsheet using NUMBERS.
  • Save your work as Chapter 4 My BMI Calculator
  • Enter your height and weight to do test your calculator (to make sure it works)
  • Do a screen capture of the entire calculator with your data.
  • Post the screen capture of your BMI Calculator in your personal blog.
  • Name the Blog Post: Chapter 4 My BMI Calculator.
  • Include Maths, Algebra as the label to your post.
  • Enter the permlink under Comments in this post.






    5. BMI calculator sounds good, algebra is very interesting as well as difficult too, I like to solve these type of problems but some times. I want to know how it is different from scientific calculator