Monday, March 28, 2011

New policies by Choy Rui Zhi

1. Only one people speak at a time except for discussion.
2. No one should be punctual in their work, if he does so he will be punished
3. Everyone should closed their learning device when the teacher is talking.

Basically , I think that we must be responsible and we must do our work on time. As if you did not do your work, the rest will have to wait for you. You guys also must pay more attention to our teachers and not to disrespect them. And, I hope everyone in our class would be more mature and try to do their work on time.In conclusion, I wished there will be changes to be good in our class.(no offense)


  1. I did early. So I posted my first
    Later, At night I would transfer.
    Pls note

  2. -Do not talk unnecessarily
    -Homework must be handed in at most one day after it is due

  3. Ruo Song dun be extra