Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Challenge - Data Consolidation by Sherman Tan (20)

Information required:
  • Neighbourhood: Clementi
  • Name of Road/Street: Commonwealth Ave west
  • Bus-stop number: 17151
  • Bus-stop name: Blk 410
  • Time started 11 00
  • Time ended 11 30
General: There were alot of Malays, probaly musliems, to board the bus as there might be a nearby mosque.
There are alot of aunties with grocery bags us there is a nearby supermarket.
Challenges: I might not be attentive enough to accuratedly give the profile of the people boarding the bus as there were many people.

A second chance: If i were given a second chance, i would leave my house early as th time i reach the bus stop might not be 11 00. I would also stay there longer as i misinterpret the time to stop recording the buses was 11 30 instead of 12 30.


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