Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Data Handling (Pie Chart)

source: Worksheet 16.1 Q2

The Pie Chart below represents the traffic condition outside SST at 7.25 am on a typical morning.
(a) Find the angle of the sector representing motorcycle to the nearest degree.
(b) Find the percentage of sector representing cars, correct your answer to 3 significant figures.
(c) Is it possible to present the above information using line graph? Justify your answer.

courtesy of Ms LohKY
edited by Mr Johari


  1. (a)28º
    (b)69.2% (3 s.f.)
    (c) A pie chart is a circular chart divided into sectors, illustrating proportion of the quantity it represents. A line graph is a type of graph, which displays information as a series of data points connected by straight line segments. It may be possible to present the information from the pie chart to the line graph, however, the line graph cannot show degree, although it can calculate percentages, fractions and ratios.

  2. a) 28º
    b) 69.2%(3s.f.)
    c) Yes. A line graph will show the percentage of cars but will not be as good as using a pie chart.

  3. A)28º
    C)No it is not.Pie charts are used for displaying ratios and quantities and line graphs are for displaying Changes over time as it measures time.

  4. a]28º
    all graphs are compatible with each other as long as there is numbers.

  5. A) 28º
    B) 69.2%
    C) No you cannot use a line graph because if u you use a line graph you will not be able to compare it at one glance to see which one is highest

  6. a)28º
    c)No. As this is comparing graph(pie chart), but line graph is mostly suitable for stocks and other topic on the changes in it. So, line graph is not suitable.

  7. a) 28 degrees
    b)69.2 degrees
    c) Technically yes but it will not have inclines or declines as there is no multiple points for multiple plates.

  8. (a)30˚
    (c)No, as line graphs are used to present increase by increase or decrease by decrease.

  9. A) 28º
    B) 69.2%
    C) No you cannot use a line graph because its used to show a flow of something happening.

  10. a) 14 degree
    b) 69.2 %
    c)no it cannot be done.as line graph starts from 0 .to just have 1 glance to understand , u cannot make it from 0 it must just from the answer

  11. a) 28 degrees
    b) 69.2%
    c) yes, the line graph will show the statistics just like the pie chart, but not as efficiently.

  12. a) 28º
    b) rounded to 69.2%
    c) it would not be exact when the varibles are compared

  13. a) 28º
    b) 69.2%
    c) It is possible yet incorrect, the line graph shows the increase of decrease of something.The pie chart shows the percentage of the transportation as over 360º.

  14. a) 28˚
    b) 69.2%
    c) It is possible but it is also not correct as the line graph states the change of value of something, whereas the pie chart shows the amount of something which does not state the change of value, but instead states the actual amount at that point.