Monday, March 28, 2011

Class reflection and policy

Please post 3 areas/policies that should be introduced in S1-05 to further improve the class dynamic and work ethics. (Please post this under the comments).


  1. 1. Only one people speak at a time except for discussion.
    2. No one should be punctual in their work, if he does so he will be punished
    3. Everyone should closed their learning device when the teacher is talking.

  2. 1. Give the speaker full attention
    2. Hand in work on time
    3. Learning devices under the table when teacher is teaching

  3. 1. Only one person speaks at a time.
    2. Do not play Phun during lesson unless required.
    3. Use the learning device at a proper time.

  4. 1. Listen to instructions
    2. Listen to the speaker
    3. Be aware of the situation on the right things to do at the right time.

  5. 1. Listen to instructions.
    2. Speak up or ask a question when in doubt.
    3. One one person talks, all of us must give the speaker their attention.

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  7. 1. One person talks at a time, the rest listen.
    2. Ask when u do not understand, then we can do better. :D
    3. Work MUST be handed in on time.

  8. 1. Work should be prioritized.
    2. Listen to the speaker
    3. Be situational aware on the right things to do at the right time.

  9. -Do not talk unnecessarily
    -Homework must be handed in on time

  10. 1. When one speaks, the other should listen attentively
    2. To not be distracted unnecessarily
    3. To be focus and not get distracted.

  11. 1) Full Attention
    2) Focus
    3) Attitude and seriousness

  12. 1. listen to speaker
    2.only use LD when necessary
    3.focus on whats important

  13. 1) Only 1 person can speak at a time.
    2) Listen to the speaker.
    3) Do not joke around during inappropriate times.