Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chap 3: Approximation & Estimation - Jurong Bird Park (by Sherman Tan )

submission 1 S1-05


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  2. Required elements:3 1/ label.
    content accuracy:4
    Graphic relevance:4
    total:8 1/2
    great job,sherman!

  3. <0.5m> Labels are not present only title is.
    <0.0m> There are only approximation figures and no exact figures
    <2.0m> It is relevant for a tourist to know about the statistics to know about the info of the Bird Park
    <2.0m> Estimation signs are shown clearly and accurately
    <0.0m> No Citation of Source
    <1.0m> Graphics are relevant
    <1.5m> Graphics are attractive and eye-catching, but the red spelling error (Since you did not export it) caught my eye first.

    Total : 7m