Monday, February 7, 2011

Mathematics Noticeboard

Mathematics Olympiad (update as @ 7 February 2011)               
To those Students who have expressed interest to participate in SST's Maths Olympiad training and have indicated your name in the comment.
  • Please go into the Maths Page to register your interest ... There will also be a selection test on Tuesday afternoon, 8 February from between 1400 - 1500. (please wait for further announcement)
  • The selection test will be held on Friday as follows:
    • non-Muslim  students : 1300 - 1400   venue: S1-01 to S1-03 classrooms
    • Muslim students         : 1430 - 1330   venue: S1-01 classroom
    • no calculator will be allowed
    • please bring along your Learning Device
  • Also, since this is a LEVEL 3 program, we will be implementing a 15% co-payment scheme which will be deducted from the students' EduSave account ... The cost will be $18 for Sec 1. 



  1. Malcolm Ang Shi Chuan1/31/2011 08:34:00 AM

    Malcolm Ang Shi Chuan

  2. To Mr Johari, Ryan Chew who has signed up is running a fever today, and will be on medical leave. He will not be able to attend today's selection test.