Monday, January 10, 2011

Lesson 1 (01) Mathematics & Me...

Share with us...
  • the success and joys that you have experienced in learning Mathematics
  • what are some challenges you have experienced with the subject
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  2. Successes and Joys :

    -Getting Bronze in SMPOS 2010
    -Getting Credit/Distinction for UNSW Maths

    Challenges :

    -Getting penalise by my Maths Teacher for using my method for all the questions I answer

  3. no successes yet.i experienced challenges when learning fractions.

    Nicholas Tan

  4. Charles O'Rourke1/10/2011 11:58:00 AM

    I don't really have much success.
    My biggest challenge was scoring lower and lower in primary 4.

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  6. M sucess rate was so-so
    Distinction for UNSW Maths
    A* for Maths PSLE,Prelim and CA2.(P6)

  7. Success: Getting A* for exams
    Challenges: Algebra, it is very confusing

  8. I have always score 'Band 1' and 'A's for all my examination so far.

    I have gotten bronze in a Mathematics Olympiad once.

    I don't really have any challenges other than needing some time to understand a specific topic I've just learnt.

  9. The success and joys that I have experienced in learning maths is that i have discovered that maths is my strongest and it has become one of my foundations for having quite high marks. I have had difficulties with doing a subject once when i did not listen to the teacher during lesson.

  10. 1.I have made improvement over my primary 6 year and got a good grade in my PSLE
    2.My challenges are that my grades are not that good during my primary five to six year therefore I need to learn and do extra hard

  11. I have learnt better methods to solve problems involving ratio, fractions and decimals. I was delighted when I got A for maths. I faced the challenge of not doing well as the school tests mostly compromises of ration and fractions questions which are my weakest topics in maths
    Pey Ruo-Song

  12. I improved in P6 and scored well in prelims. I did not do as well for my PSLE so that's a challenge.

  13. my math result improve as i worked very hard.
    i am very happy
    Yan Kai

  14. Success
    -Distinctions for UNSW Mathematics
    -Getting A*s for Examinations
    -Top in class for Mathematics
    -Getting A1s for Math and doing as well as last year.
    -Presenting workings orderly so that it can be comprehend easily...

  15. I scored lousy marks for my p5 sa2. Whereas for my psle i scored an A for my maths. The challenge is that i did not get A*

  16. I got bronze in SMOPS in 2010 very hard but it was my greatest success

  17. I was 3rd in my class in P6 in shanghai.
    Joys are solving problems and challenges.

    Challenges: Don't rush through work and make careless mistakes. Read the questions throughly.

  18. success: i scored well n the PSLE
    joy: maths got A
    challenges: not doing well as the school tests

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  20. Success: Getting A for PSLE
    Joy: Getting more than 75 marks for PSLE!
    Challenges: my sister disturbing me when I was doing work.

  21. chris
    not much success yet.
    challenges: algebra

  22. no success yet
    challenges: having to improve my maths after failing it in p4

  23. success: pass psle
    joy:got a for maths
    challenges:maths test

  24. Ian
    Success: Scoring "A" for PSLE
    Challenge: Sometimes I don't understand what the teacher is teaching.

  25. My Joy..First time i got A*
    Success Getting 100 3 times in a row for practice paper
    Getting good marks for PSLE maths